Days End Farm Horse Rescue

I adopted Queenie in 2012 from Days End Farm Horse Rescue, Inc., a 501(c)3, volunteer-based, animal welfare organization established in 1989 to ensure quality care and treatment of horses through intervention, education and outreach. 

Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) is a well-respected nationally recognized rescue and rehabilitation facility housing 50 to 80 horses at any given time. The horses come to DEFHR through animal control and/or humane agencies across Maryland. Some are given up voluntarily; others are turned over only after their neglect and/or abuse case has been decided in court, which can take up to a year.

Horses coming to DEFHR enter the Critical Care Unit and Extended Care Program with conditions ranging from starvation/malnutrition, hoof deformity and parasitic infestation, to skin fungus, untended wounds and crippling ailments.

After their rehabilitation, which can take many months—and after their court cases when necessary—the horses are evaluated and trained to start them on the road to adoption. They may need ground training (haltering, leading, tying, etc.) and work under saddle.  Of the more than 1,830 horses DEFHR has rescued, 94% have been adopted out. 

Read about how Queenie came to be at Days End here.

DEFHR’s work is supported entirely by donations. Click here to learn more about DEFHR.

 Photo from DEFHR

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