Monday, May 30, 2016

What Does the Fox Say?

I found out one night around 11 pm.  I went up to the barn for a final check on the horses.  As I was walking across the back yard, I heard what sounded like screaming in the distance.  I assumed it was teenagers on a Friday night engaged in revelry.  As I got close to the barn, the screaming was just feet away.

To say I was terrified was an understatement!  Since I had already fed the horses for the night, they were on their own.  I turned and did a Usain Bolt straight back to the house.  Once inside, I slammed and locked the door in order to keep out whatever primeval beast was near the barn. 

When my heart finally stopped pounding wildly and brain function returned, I thought of all the possibilities.  Hyena, no.  Cheetah, probably not.  Then something from the deep recesses of my brain said, FOX!  I googled “sound a fox makes” and sure enough, there was a recording of exactly what the fox says. 

Listen to this video for a minute and you’ll know why I broke the world speed record getting back to the house.  

For the next few nights, I yelled loudly as I approached the barn, “OKAY ALL YOU FOXES!  I’M HEADING TO THE BARN NOW.  GO SCARE SOME OTHER UNSUSPECTNG PERSON!!”

My extremely vocal visitor has not returned at night, thankfully.  If the fox does come back, I’m going to have to start training to stay in shape for those sprints back to the house!