Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pest Control--Barn Style

One of my favorite farm chores is to feed and care for the barn cats, our little mousers.       

Flossie (aka "The Floss") is always busy.  She'll come when you call, let you pet her for a few     minutes and then she's off to patrol the farm for a mouse or two that she can decapitate and leave at my front door.  That's how I know she loves me. 

Priscilla is our shy cat.  It took her many months before she would even venture out of her hiding places.  In the two years since we got her, she has become much more comfortable with people.  She likes to lie under the table where the barn ladies gather to chat.  If you call her, she will meow loudly, wanting attention and petting.

Mousing, however, is not her thing.  She spends her days in the feed room lying in the bed on top of the cabinets.  We often see only a foot or two hanging over the edge of the bed until dinner time.

Zuzu is our "I'd really rather live in the apartment" barn cat.  I'll admit that she has me well trained.  She scratches at the door and I let her in so she can spend the evening lying on my bed or on the back of the sofa.

And I can't talk about our barn cats without mentioning Bootsie.  She liked people but had no time at all for the other cats.  She was sure the main barn was her domain and loudly protested if the other cats entered.   Sadly, Bootsie was killed by three dogs who came to the farm with their owner.